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RacoWireless has a reputation for reliably delivering big data. We make it easy for companies across the globe to build, deploy and manage M2M solutions in virtually any industry vertical. Through award-winning, innovative tools, RacoWireless has positioned itself as a clear leader in the development of the Internet of Things.

M2M Solutions
Reputation – With more than 200 years of M2M experience within the leadership team of RacoWireless, we’ve seen the Internet of Things become the phenomenon that it is today. Along the way we’ve pioneered the way that solutions come to market and gained a reputation in the industry of making it easy for our partners to get to market and succeed on arrival.

Accessibility – As part of making it easy, we have given our partners the ability to have the service where, when and how they need it. Many of our partner’s solutions are running mission critical applications that require maximum uptime. We have invested millions of dollars to ensure that you have the tools and service you need when it really counts.

Control – Whether provisioning devices or managing a fleet of vehicles, we make it easy for our partners to control every aspect of their connectivity needs. With multiple strategic carrier partners integrated through OMS, our partners are able to select and control the connectivity they need depending on their business needs.

On-Demand – Using a true SaaS model, our award-winning device management and location-based services platforms allow you to get the information you need when you need it. Additionally, we bring the big data to you in a digestible way. Never before have businesses had the capabilities to have the data before them that drives the business decisions that they make.