CTIA 2014 Wrap Up

If you’re connected in any way to the technology world, you’ve probably noticed that the Internet of Things has pretty much taken over any discussion surrounding emerging technologies. The fact is that everyone is racing to connect everything, now.

The past few weeks, we have been privileged to be right in the middle of it all. With recent launches and announcements around game-changing tools and technologies, we’ve seen industry experts chime in on what RacoWireless is doing to transform the future of the Internet of Things. So, for those that may have been locked in a cave recently, we put together some of the key highlights from the happenings within the industry and what RacoWireless is doing to make it easier.

  • Omega DevCloud mobile appIoT Development Made Easy: Announced publicly in early August, Omega DevCloud was introduced to a crowd in Las Vegas. During the announcement we actually built a real, working IoT application from scratch in a matter of minutes. This was a groundbreaking feat as application development has historically been a complicated matter that usually can only be completed by a specialized team of developers and can take days or weeks to accomplish. The platform will be made available to the general public on September 22nd.


  • Super Mobility Week: One of the biggest M2M/IoT shows came to Las Vegas earlier this week. Hosted at the Sands Convention Center, thousands of attendees walked the floors and listened to a number of insightful keynotes and panels discussing the future of our industry. The show continues to make large strides, attracting more and more technology players. RacoWireless was on full display as our development team was on hand to walk guests through hands-on demos.


  • Application MarketplaceA Marketplace for IoT: Announced at CTIA, the Application Marketplace was met with much enthusiasm. Hosted within the Position Logic platform, the Marketplace provides an environment for solution providers and application developers to buy and sell innovative connected features and applications.


  • You’re not a dummy, but: We’re back again with the Internet of Things for Dummies. Made available during CTIA, RacoWireless is offering free copies of the Internet of Things for Dummies. Downloadable copies can be found here. The book has already been met with great reviews as it provides a basic overview of what the Internet of Things is and how one might get involved.


  • CW100 RankingsBetter than the BCS: As we enter college football season, we all look to the rankings to see what the experts think of our favorite teams. Well, the experts finally put together the most complete ranking of global IoT companies. Compiled and ranked by Connected World Magazine, the rankings include the top 100 leaders of the space and, unlike the BCS, there is actually some logic to the system. Click here to find out how we stack up.

We could go on and on, especially with all of the innovative solutions that our partners are bringing to market everyday. It’s great to be in such a dynamic industry, and even better to be the ones that are making it easy.