It’s time to automate your success with the new scheduling tool in Omega Management Suite 3.0.  OMS 3.0 does a lot of things really well, but one of the best tools is the Report Scheduler. This new tool allows you to automate customized reports for almost any parameter in OMS, have the report sent out in PDF or CSV format, and then select the cadence of the reports. A little setup in the beginning will go a long way to save you time in the future.

First, you can create reports which will tell you what you want to know, when you want to know it, in order to effectively manage your SIMs.scheduler 1

  • To create a report, you will go and find the data and information you are looking for. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Reports tab and select a category from the left column (ie. Usage History, Top Talkers, Cost Vs Usage) and then filter in or out any other pertinent data. (Hint: if you have your SIMs tagged you can filter for specific tags and customers to get their usage every month which might help for billing.) Once you have narrowed this information down, it’s now time to click the Apply button and get your actual data. If this all looks correct, hop up to the top right portion of the page and click on the icon that looks an opened envelope with a calendar bursting out of it. Congratulations, you are now ready for the next really great feature of the new Report Scheduler.

At this point, you should be getting pretty excited at how easy this is going to make your SIM reporting life. Now I want to introduce you to the exporting of a report in the format of a PDF or CSV.scheduler2
This will let you get the report in a final printable manner as a PDF or receive the data in a CSV format letting you mine through the data even further and creating more customization.

  • At this stage in the process you can select as many recipients as you want that will receive the report, and then title it appropriately. You can always edit the name later so don’t worry too much if it’s not the right title at first. This is where it gets fun. You can choose to have the report sent out as a finalized PDF or pick a CSV file which lets you manipulate and mine for further data. Pretty easy, right?


The third exceptional feature that Report Scheduler offers comes right after you decide on the format of the report – selecting how often, how many times, and if the report will continue indefinitely. You can even narrow down to a specific day of the week. Once you have chosen the scheduled occurrence, you are all set! Now sit back and wait for the report to generate on its own while you relax (or, probably work on the next task on your endless to-do list).scheduler4

After you have successfully scheduled your report, you can always go back into the Report Scheduler tab and make additional tweaks.

If you still have questions after reading this, fear not, because when you go into the scheduler for the first time you will have the option to launch a Tour which will give you step by step instructions.