The rise of M2M security as a discussion topic has hit the gas peddle in a big way! This rise in topic interest is absolutely all part of the progression that a high-growth industry experiences. No more a niche sector within the technology space, IoT and its connected applications are gaining the recognition and trust of the everyday consumer. Homes and businesses from all over the globe are deploying time-saving and cost-cutting applications. As you think for a moment as we bring connectivity to the “things” of our lives (cars, home appliances, healthcare devices, etc…), it’s easy to see how imperative proper security measures will become.

Everyone that plays a part in this ecosystem needs to mindful of where they may be exposed to a security threat. In a recent whitepaper that we published, we laid out 10 questions that every solution provider should be asking their technology providers. They are as follows:

  1. Are all servers and network components within the organization’s network updated with the latest security patches and updates?
  2. Is there a process in place to apply new patches and updates in a timely manner?
  3. What model firewalls are used?
  4. Is there an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) in place?
  5. Is there a DDoS defense system in place?
  6. Are background checks performed on all individuals with root access to servers and network devices?
  7. Are all security events logged? How long are those logs kept?
  8. Is there a SIEM solution in place to provide analysis and correlation of security events?
  9. How often are root passwords changed?
  10. What systems are in place to secure & authorize access to physical servers and network components (PIN code, ID badge, biometrics, etc)

When it comes to IoT security, understand your risks, and equally important, make sure that you’re partnered with technology providers that can turn your level of security up a notch.