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RacoWireless, Queclink Team Up to Offer Turn-Key M2M Development Kit

April 8, 2014

Development kit provides everything needed to deploy M2M solutions for fleet and asset management Cincinnati, OH (April 8, 2014) – Queclink, a leading supplier of wireless M2M hardware solutions, has teamed with RacoWireless, a leader in M2M data solutions, to provide a bundled M2M solution that brings all pieces of the M2M ecosystem into one seamless offer. Included with the development kits will be SIM cards that allow users to connect their solution to Raco’s worldwide carrier partners. This M2M bundle is designed to help solution providers get their products and services off the ground more quickly and easily, and brings together the essentials for the successful deployment of a wireless M2M solution. “We’ve taken pride in making it easy for our partners to succeed in the M2M space. Partnering with Queclink to deliver this innovative packaged solution takes down even more barriers to the M2M deployment process,” said John Hubler, VP of Business Development at RacoWireless. The development kit will be made available across four different models of Queclink hardware: GL200, GL300, GV55, and GV300. The GL asset tracker product series offers compact size products with advanced power management, water resistance, and high quality GPS and GSM chipsets making them ideal for a wide range of applications including lone workers, vehicles, pets and asset tracking. The GL300 sports a thumb sized button with vibration feedback, a user-friendly design that allows users to confirm successful button operation, easily send emergency alerts and instantly set geo-fences. The GV vehicle tracker product line contains an array of miniature devices built for a variety of vehicle applications. Their extremely compact design allows for easier installation and the internal 3-axis accelerometer supports driving behavior monitoring, which renders them ideal […]

RacoWireless Integrates SkyWave M2M Satellite & Satellite-Cellular Devices

March 18, 2014

RacoWireless Integrates SkyWave M2M Satellite & Satellite-Cellular Devices into Position Logic’s Location-Based Services Platform Scottsdale, AZ – March 18, 2014: RacoWireless today announced the completion of the integration between RacoWireless’ Position Logic platform and the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Agent with IsatData Pro Satellite M2M devices from SkyWave Mobile Communications. The integration creates a fully integrated software and hardware solution, streamlining communication and support for customers in the fleet management industry. SkyWave is a global provider of satellite and satellite-cellular terminals, applications, network and professional services for mobile and fixed remote industrial tracking, monitoring, control, and management. The SkyWave AVL Agent is an embedded Lua application developed for easy integration with a solution provider’s fleet management application; it eliminates the need for any upfront Lua programming, enabling more rapid customer deployment, easier installation, configuration and use. The AVL agent provides a variety of pre-set event-based reports with configurable thresholds that support user requirements for location tracking, vehicle status and driver behavior monitoring features. RacoWireless has incorporated its industry leading GPS tracking platform Position Logic with the satellite and satellite-cellular tracking solutions from SkyWave in an effort to create a more seamless customer experience. Combined, the two technologies increase visibility into a fleet’s operations and allow managers to run their fleets more efficiently by sending position and status reports, tracking drive time, excessive speeding, and more, whether or not the vehicle is in cellular coverage. Speaking of the benefits of the agreement, John Horn, President of RacoWireless, said “This integration allows users of the Position Logic platform to benefit from the ability to customize tools and configure the devices in real time, and creates a convenient solution that speeds the time to market for an IsatData […]

RacoWireless Announces M2M Agreement with Inmarsat

February 24, 2014

Inmarsat becomes first satellite network for RacoWireless’ multi-network M2M service BARCELONA, February 25, 2014: Inmarsat, (LSE:ISAT.L), the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, has further strengthened its rapidly expanding machine-to-machine (M2M) distribution channel through the appointment of RacoWireless as a global Distribution Partner for its award-winning IsatData Pro service. RacoWireless is a leading provider of wireless data solutions to the M2M industry with a strong focus on the North American market and, following recent acquisitions, a growing presence in Latin America.  The company will incorporate IsatData Pro into its comprehensive portfolio of M2M-focused solutions and services.  It is expected that IsatData Pro will become one of RacoWireless’ primary network solutions for Latin America’s growing fleet management market, enabling M2M users to enhance the efficiency and ensure the safety and security of their fixed and mobile assets in regions not covered by terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure. RacoWireless will integrate Inmarsat’s award-winning M2M service into its Omega Management Suite (OMS). OMS serves as a cloud-based dashboard, featuring powerful tools for global device management that enable RacoWireless’ network of more than 1,000 solution providers to control and leverage intelligence from remotely connected devices, when and where required. Joel Schroeder, Director, M2M Strategy & Market Development within Inmarsat’s Enterprise Business Unit, said: “Satellite connectivity services are swiftly becoming an essential component within the expanding M2M market, enabling solution providers to extend the reach and resilience of their M2M networks to virtually any region on Earth. “RacoWireless represents a new generation of partner for Inmarsat; one that brings M2M expertise into the sales channel and provides access to new market segments which have not traditionally deployed satellite connectivity as part of their M2M offering.  With RacoWireless’ outstanding platform and […]

RacoWireless Unveils OMS 3.0 M2M Device Management Platform

January 29, 2014

Web-based Omega Management Suite™ supports an array of connected applications including: Connected Car, Point-of-Sale, Healthcare, Digital Signage and many other M2M applications 
RacoWireless (www.racowireless.com), a global machine-to-machine (M2M) service provider, today unveiled the release of the latest version of its Omega Management Suite™ (OMS) platform, an award-winning device management platform that allows partners to control their connected solutions.

EnTouch Controls Partners with RacoWireless

December 17, 2013

RacoWireless powers the next generation in connected facilities and energy management
RacoWireless (www.racowireless.com), the leading machine-to-machine (M2M) enabler, announced today that it has partnered with EnTouch Controls (www.entouchcontrols.com), a leader in energy management systems for restaurants, retail and small businesses, to provide a connected solution for facility management.