Say Goodbye to Borders
While EE’s has deep roots throughout Europe, the global carrier’s reach extends into almost every part of the world – a true global solution.
Budget More Wisely with Flat Rates
With EE M2M, we allow you to forget about borders. With flat rates around the world, your technology can cross borders without limitations or surprises – allowing you to plan and manage your solution with extreme accuracy. Bring the benefits of OMS to the picture and your EE M2M connected solution is more controllable than ever.
Put the World in Your Hand
Offering robust coverage around the globe, EE goes where you go. With specific expertise throughout Europe, EE allows your business to travel where it is needed without the threat of costly roaming or loss of coverage. Find out why EE is known throughout the world for providing global service.
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Build Upon a Globally Trusted Brand

Based in the U.K., EE was created by the team that brought Orange and T-Mobile together. With the goal to become the most trusted and relevant carrier, EE is constantly making strides to to support their customers across the globe.

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