Inmarsat M2M

Inmarsat M2M
Always-on Connectivity

Through Inmarsat’s wide-ranging connectivity, our partners enjoy the benefits of being connected virtually anywhere on the planet. Whether it’s tracking a valuable asset across the ocean or adding security features to a remote area, we keep you connected. Find out today how we make it easy for you to connect through the Inmarsat M2M network.
Inmarsat Coverage Map
Added Reliability
When reliability is paramount to the success of your business, we have the coverage options you need to ensure complete redundancy and reliability of the operation of your connected M2M solution. Inmarasat has gained a reputation as the leading satellite network provider.
When Mission-Critical is Critical
With the pressure that many business managers face, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with spotty coverage. Through Inmarsat’s unique network, your mission-critical missions remain critical.

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Eyes in the Sky

Inmarsat launched the world’s first global mobile satellite communications system to enable merchant ships to stay in touch or call for help in an emergency. Today they own and operate three constellations of 10 satellites flying above the Earth.

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Inmarsat M2M Data Sheet

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