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Nationwide CDMA Network
Sprint has been a nationwide leader in the wireless space and frequently recognized for outstanding customer service. In line with Raco’s mission to “Make It Easy”, Sprint M2M truly lives that mission by providing a nationwide CDMA footprint that offers a diverse offering of network technologies.
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Sprint M2M
Long-Term 2G Service
Sprint knows that 2G will be an essential part of the of growth of M2M and has committed to support the technology for long into the future – allowing the vast majority of M2M applications the proper network to grow. Read more about Sprint’s commitment to 2G for the long term.
Sprint M2M Support
Dedicated Sprint M2M Support
Sprint’s support and customer service is second to none. While navigating through device certification, or finding out if CDMA is the right way for you to go, Sprint’s team has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate through the most complex challenges that you might face.
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Nationwide Coverage

Serving more than 55 million subscribers and 90% of Fortune 500 companies, Sprint has the network capacities to handle your needs from one the coast to the other. Sprint’s network vision has received much praise as the company aggressively expands its 4G footprint across the country.

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