Telefonica M2M

Telefonica M2M
Global M2M Connectivity
World Class Coverage Meets World Class Service. With one of the largest global footprints, Telefonica allows customers of RacoWireless to experience borderless M2M connectivity from one easy-to-use, and award-winning management platform.
Telefonica M2M
Telefonica M2M

Excellent Coverage Footprint
With deep coverage throughout Latin America and Europe, Telefonica is built to help you grow your solution – regardless of location. Telefonica operates in 24 countries allowing your M2M solution to travel wherever your business might take you.
Solid Network
With over 320 Million subscribers, Telefonica has been able to build out a reliable and robust network supporting multiple network technologies across the globe. Telefonica is able to offer 2G network services in almost every market and continues to be a leader in providing the necessary support for M2M companies of all sizes to get their connected solutions to market quickly and cost-effectively. The flexible architecture of Telefonica’s M2M offering allows customers to also scale to meet the needs of their customers, regardless of what the requirements may be.
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Flexible Network

The pricing structure allows clarity and flexibility for deploying M2M solutions in international markets. Telefonica M2M has also leveraged its global roaming relationships to minimize risk of high roaming rates for connected solutions that cross borders.

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Telefonica M2M

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