Connected Home

Connected HomeLife in our homes is changing quickly. Not too long ago the only thing connected was our phone and that was with wires. Now homes are more connected than ever with virtually all connectivity coming from wireless services. We have seen this change over the last five years with home security. Almost all security systems have historically been hardwired – now the opposite is true. This evolution of service opened up many new opportunities for home security products while creating new challenges at the same time. Coverage and signal strength are key factors to success in this segment. We have helped our partners plan ahead for these possible challenges.

Home energy management is growing quickly as well. Being able to remotely manage home energy use and therefore cut costs has empowered consumers with the tools and information necessary to change how we use energy. Having the right tools helps solution partners keep a close eye on data usage patterns and gives them the control they need to manage costs on their end as well.

RacoWireless with Omega Management Suite can help support the needs of partners when they are managing the connected home marketplace. Additional Connected Home applications include: alarm systems, remote control of lighting and locks, appliance monitoring and diagnostics, and wireless video surveillance