Connected Car

Audi Connect LR

The future of driving

Almost every new car that comes off the line is being equipped with some degree of wireless connectivity – whether it is an emergency response system or a full-blown infotainment system, like Audi Connect® – and RacoWireless is unlocking the potential of these connected vehicles.

connected car

Improve Safety
Our platform assembles technology on the cutting edge of making our roads a safer place to drive. Features like crash notification, vehicle tracking and hands-free calling are keeping drivers and passengers safer than ever before.

World-Class Infotainment

RacoWireless is enabling drivers to experience unparalleled information and entertainment features.

  • Voice-enabled controls
  • Step-by-step navigation
  • Real time news and information
  • Music and video streaming
  • WiFi hotspots

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Getting your foot in the door has never been more painless. Whether you’re blazing new trails in your industry or building a better mouse trap, the team at RacoWireless has the skills and experience to guide in the right direction. To show we mean business, we’re offering a complimentary ebook spelling out the ABCs of starting a GPS tracking business. Check out our link to the side for more info!

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