Digital Signage

digital signage

Writing on the Wall
Opportunity awaits! According to IMS Research, the worldwide digital signage market will total $7 billion in 2013. Machine-to-machine technology is playing a key role in this market’s rapid growth as businesses are discovering the benefits of delivering real-time information to connected screens.

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Engage Your Customers
Innovative digital signage and kiosk solutions are revolutionizing companies interact with their customers. Retailers and restaurants are able to deliver impactful messages to engage, educate and influence purchasing decisions of targeted customers in high-traffic areas at or near the point of sale.

digital signage
Improve Communication
In the transportation industry, intelligent digital signage is being used to provide up-to-the-second information for travelers. After wireless connectivity is integrated into these devices, sign content can be updated remotely, providing more accurate information to the target audience.

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Talk to Your Signs
Our Wireless Virtual LAN service grants solution providers and system integrators direct access to their wireless devices – a critical component for most digital signage implementations. We facilitate mobile terminated communication by issuing fixed IP addresses to the devices and allowing an active and secure connection.

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