FleetAlthough fleet is one of the oldest M2M market verticals, we are seeing renewed growth on a large scale. In the early years of M2M it was easy to establish a good ROI on fleet solutions even though module and carrier costs were much higher than they are today. The fuel savings alone could save a large fleet thousands if not millions of dollars. Now that costs are much lower, new solutions targeting smaller businesses and even consumers are being launched. There are also new segments emerging including insurance, which we see as one of the greatest opportunities in the coming years. Pay as you drive and pay how you drive are part of this new value proposition.

We have been around long enough to see many companies come and go in this space. Some models are very effective while many others are not. We at RacoWireless will help you to navigate through those challenges. Even if you are only in the early stages of your product development we are ready to assist. If you are finished with your development and are ready for market we can get you to market quickly so you can realize your ROI as well.