Connected Healthcare

Healthcare is revolutionized by new M2M applications. Whether the goal is saving money or improving the quality of life there is probably a new application in development and testing today. The biggest challenge to the growth of connected healthcare is the regulatory environment. Government agencies are there to protect us all from medical practices that are not up to par, and we are thankful for it. This, however, adds another step or more to the process of launching a new mHealth product or service. We understand these delays and know that you may be in testing and pilot programs for quite some time. We will work with you through this development cycle and have built special business models to get you past the long process and to product launch.


Complete Cost Control

Additionally, Raco’s Omega Management Suite allows you to control your costs and your future. You can customize usage profiles and constantly monitor conditions in order to maintain your profitable business model. Cost and data usage structures need to be adaptable because of the potential for changing patient needs. That is why we built our systems to be flexible and simple to use.