Connected Healthcare

Connected Healthcare
Answering the Call
Perhaps nowhere does M2M offer greater promise than in the field of healthcare. RacoWireless’ M2M solutions have the potential to answer the call of healthcare reform by enabling you to provide greater access to care, with improved outcomes and at a reduced cost.

Patient Monitor

Broad Application
Our platform is capable of supporting devices in a broad array of applications.
• Patient monitoring
• Streamlining workflows
• Medication management
• Remote care delivery
• Data analytics

Built for Healthcare
The Omega Management Suite allows you to control your costs and your future. You can customize usage profiles and constantly monitor conditions in order to maintain your profitable business model. Our systems were built to be adaptable and simple to use in order to handle the flexible cost and data structures needed to handle ever changing patient needs.

Connected Healthcare

We’ll Help You
We understand working in the healthcare industry can be difficult. RacoWireless works with you through the development cycle and regulatory hurdles, and has built special business models to get you past the long process and to product launch.

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White Paper

You’ve probably caught our theme… We make it easy. We’ve made this process as easy as possible. Download our free white paper for more information on exactly what the device certification process is all about and how to successfully navigate through it.

Device Certification: A RacoWireless White Paper


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