Smart City

City of Promise
The Internet of Things brings with it the promise of making life easier, and the benefits realized through a connected city are an excellent fulfillment of that expectation. RacoWireless is enabling solutions providers to build and manage the infrastructure necessary to make this vision a reality.


Multiple Applications
Our cloud-based platforms support a host of potential applications to bring about the promise of the “smart city”.

  • Smart parking
  • Energy conservation
  • Transit and traffic control
  • Waste management
  • City planning and maintenance
  • Public safety


Optimize for Sustainability
As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, it becomes increasingly critical to implement innovative solutions that will make our cities more sustainable. We help you build a network of devices to collect data for better decision making in regards to urban planning and energy consumption, and to improve the quality of life in our cities.

It’s the Little Things
We work with the grandiose solutions like centralized dashboards to manage traffic flows, maintenance and public safety, as well as the simple solutions like making parking easy with connected meters that tell you where open spots are and allow payment with a mobile phone. With RacoWireless, there’s no solution too big and no application too small.

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Getting your foot in the door has never been more painless. Whether you’re blazing new trails in your industry or building a better mouse trap, the team at RacoWireless has the skills and experience to guide in the right direction. To show we mean business, we’re offering a complimentary ebook spelling out the ABCs of starting a GPS tracking business. Check out our link to the side for more info!

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M2M API Solutions

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