Smart Grid

Intelligent Insight
Energy needs are changing and growing fast. Smart grids powered by RacoWireless provide utility companies with remote access to data to give them better insight into energy consumption and disruption. By gathering this data and basing consumption and conservation decisions upon it, more efficient distribution of power is achieved.


Operating Optimization
Our platforms are integrated with reliable connectivity, meaning you will constantly stay informed in real-time, and be capable of diagnosing potential problems or outages and tuning themselves to operate at peak state.


Smart Metering
RacoWireless is helping utility companies accurately collect data from remote automated meters and manage them on a centralized platform, saving significant cost and travel time.

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas

Power Plant

Consumer Cost Savings
Consumers also benefit from this optimization as they are provided with data that allows them to reduce their consumption costs, as they relate to energy. In addition, business and residential customers can be provided with energy bills based on actual, rather than estimated consumption.

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M2M API Solutions: A RacoWireless White Paper

M2M API Solutions

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