Multi IMSI SIMOver the last eight years our team has lead the way in new technology development. We were the first to launch an embedded SIM. This chip technology allowed GSM platforms to meet some of the highly restrictive requirements of the automotive industry and other industries where the device environment would be very challenging for a traditional plastic SIM. The embedded SIM is much more resistant to heat and vibration than traditional SIM designs.

We followed this with the first 3FF SIM, which was deployed in a child tracker designed into a wrist watch type platform. Still a removable SIM, yet much smaller, it allowed for a miniature platform to use GSM network technology. This technology was quickly adopted by some of the most successful consumer devices in the M2M world of products.

Multi IMSI POS System UnitRacoWireless is now the first to launch a Multi-IMSI SIM with our partners Everything Everywhere, and Giesecke & Devrient. Many companies have had to face the challenge of manufacturing and supporting multiple SKU’s for international deployments. We appreciate the fact that pricing within the wireless industry is not to a point where an international deployment makes sense when roaming on many different carriers. The Multi-IMSI SIM overcomes this challenge by allowing your company to build one SKU for the United States and Europe. Your device then chooses the network operator depending upon where it is deployed. Think of the time and cost savings your company will realize by deploying this innovative new technology.

We don’t plan to stop here. Our team and our partners will work with you to create the best solution for your needs.