Omega Ricochet 2.0

Omega Ricochet 2.0 is our secure API that allows unprecedented data access and device management through the use of SOAP web services. The services allow M2M solution providers to integrate the powerful features of the Omega Management Suite into their own applications. By integrating Ricochet into back end applications, M2M solution providers can automate their entire device management process and provide customized reports and statistic views to end users. Best of all, access to Omega Ricochet is provided to all RacoWireless customers at no additional charge and we’ll work with your developers to help get you connected.

Available Methods

  • Activate Devices
  • Deactivate Devices
  • Get Device Details
  • Suspend Devices
  • Restore Devices
  • Change Usage Threshold
  • Change Rate Plan
  • Add Feature Add-on
  • Remove Feature Add-on
  • Get SIM Status
  • Change SIMs
  • …More

If you would like to review a complete list of available methods or to view our detailed developer docs and integration guide, please contact your RacoWireless account manager or send us an e-mail.