Powerful Features at Your Fingertips

Featuring an intuitive graphical user interface [GUI], OMS is loaded with powerful features that simplify device management and put you in control of your M2M solution

Real-Time Reporting

Check the connection status of devices by using the real-time statistical dashboard. This invaluable troubleshooting tool allows you to view the status of all devices, specific groups of devices or one specific device. Our powerful tagging feature allows users to associate searchable keywords to one or more devices. This allows you to quickly generate status reports on distinct groups of devices that share a common attribute such as the same geographical location, ship date, firmware version or any other user defined attribute.

Historical Reporting

OMS makes it easy to track wireless data usage and system activity. Detailed usage reports can be generated in seconds and exported to Excel with one click of the mouse. Additionally, users can use the historical snapshot feature to review device status during a specific time period in the past. A change request history report is also available, providing OMS users with a detailed log of all changes made to devices. This functionality is critical for organizations with two or more users that are actively managing devices.

SIM Provisioning & Management

OMS is tightly integrated into the wireless carrier’s back end systems, allowing end users to perform all SIM management functions directly from the application. By eliminating the need for human interaction, OMS gives customers unprecedented levels of automated self-service. Key functions provided by the Omega SIM Manager include: SIM activation, rate plan modification, add-on modification, cancel location, SIM suspend, SIM restore, SIM swap, OTA provisioning, and SIM ordering.

Usage Alerts

Omega AlertsTM notifies you when an individual device or group of devices exceeds a defined data usage threshold. Users can configure alert recipients and define thresholds directly in OMS. This feature is vital for customers who would like to proactively detect misbehaving devices and helps prevent costly wireless data overage charges.

Online Billing

OMS provides convenient access to detailed billing information. View a summary of each month’s charges and use the drill down tool to examine the itemized charges associated with individual lines. The billing activity screen displays any recent activity such as payments, credits, or invoices generated. By using the access control features built into OMS, you can control what users in your organization have access to billing data.

SMS Console

SMS messaging continues to play a vital role in many M2M solutions. RACO Wireless is committed to supporting customers that rely on SMS for device programming and communications. OMS includes an SMS console screen where you can send messages to devices and view a report showing recent mobile originated (MO) and mobile terminated (MT) transactions. An SMS Gateway service is also available to enable SMS integration into existing applications.

Granular Security

It is common for customers to have two or more individuals that require access to the Omega Management Suite. In many cases, the individuals accessing the system may have different roles or responsibilities within their respective organizations. Omega’s granular security capabilities give you control over what actions users can perform within the system. Access may be secured down to an individual page level.

APN Support Portal

Users can launch the RacoWireless help ticketing system directly from the OMS dashboard. There are no additional login credentials required to access the help system. The system provides access to documentation and knowledgebase articles and allows you to view and submit trouble tickets. RacoWireless support technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.