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Our entire mission is to make the Internet of Things as easy as possible. Everyday we witness our partners, of all sizes, deploy our award-winning suite of products and completely separate themselves from their competition. Built with leading cloud-based and responsive designs, our scalable tools allow business of all kinds to adopt M2M technologies in no time at all. Without question, if you’re looking for an M2M platform, these are the best tools for taking control of the Internet of Things.
M2M Platform

Omega Management Suite
M2M made easy
The Omega Management Suite is a powerful cloud-based dashboard that provides partners of RacoWireless with custom control of their connected solution. With the mission to ‘Make It Easy’, OMS features powerful tools for global device management that allow our partners to control and leverage intelligence where and when they need it.

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M2M Platform
Position Logic
The LBS killer app
The Position Logic platform provides a singular location for on-demand, scalable tools to track and manage assets. The award-winning platform integrates virtually every signaling device into our scalable, cloud-based hub from which all devices can be monitored—in real time— anywhere in the world. With more than 380 features, partners are able to pick and choose their options depending upon their GPS tracking needs.

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M2M device adaptor
Omega DevCloud
The new standard forIoT development
Say goodbye to custom hardware integration and development. Designed to be completely universal when it comes to hardware, Omega DevCloud makes IoT application development easy, regardless of your choice in hardware.

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Frost & Sullivan
Don’t just take our word for it

“Our research indicates that RacoWireless offers the broadest sets of functionalities for M2M/IoT business enablement in North America. Their platforms deliver significant automation for M2M/IoT customers, and have emerged as key differentiators for RacoWireless…”

-Frost & Sullivan 2014