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Developing IoT applications has never been easier
Omega DevCloud provides a standardized and secure platform that enables web developers to communicate with virtually any device with an easy-to-use tool.

Omega DevCloud is now available
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Binary communication

Binary Communication

Omega DevCloud is designed to offer real two-way communication between your hardware and IoT solution. Our fancy algorithms tirelessly translate every input and output into simple understandable javascript. And thanks to our suite of RESTful APIs, you won’t need to learn random hardware languages and commands to succeed. Any programming knowledge required to develop a complete Internet of Things application via Omega DevCloud translate completely to any other sphere of development. Your skill set is completely transferrable.

Omega DevCloud mobile app

Mobile Lab Partner
With the Omega DevCloud mobile app for iOS and Android, you’ll be able to develop your own custom IoT applications without first investing in expensive hardware. Your mobile phone will communicate with our servers, generating traffic and acting as a mobile IoT test platform. When you’re satisfied with how your solution operates, swapping in your own M2M hardware is as easy as 1-2-3.Download Omega DevCloud for AndroidDownload Omega DevCloud for iOS

Knowledge is Power
  • Leverage powerful parsing engine
    Retrieve and interpret data using RESTful APIs
  • Speak to virtually any device
    Omega DevCloud is designed to work with any device type
  • Translate and standardize any data format
    Bring together an infinite variety of message formats into one common language

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