Connected World | Mike Carrozzo

As the world of M2M descends upon the ‘Big Easy’ this week for the annual CTIA show, I cannot help but think back to last year’s show and all the hoopla surrounding the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T. The news broke on the eve before the show (which was in March, not May), and on the show floor it was all that everyone was talking about-despite the fact no one was “talking.”

I take that back, one man was talking: John Horn. At the time Horn was still heading up the M2M business for T-Mobile so of course he was the man everyone wanted an opinion from on the proposed acquisition. This is a man that built up T-Mobile’s M2M business to a point that it was a major contender on the B2B side when it came to machine-to-machine connections. A carrier that many regarded as being a distant number-four among the U.S. majors, was actually fact a force in the world of M2M. This, alongside the spectrum appeal, was no doubt an attractive piece for AT&T to look to acquire at the time.

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