2G Support

2G is alive and well at RacoWireless. Reports of its early demise have been greatly exaggerated. At 91% penetration globally, most of the world is using a GSM network platform and most of M2M is using 2G technology. Experts all agree that over 95% of all M2M solutions work quite well on 2G networks because they require very little bandwidth. Additionally, GPRS and EDGE modules are less expensive and offer better battery life than 3G and 4G offerings.

So why all the fuss? U.S. wireless carriers need more spectrum and some of the carriers are looking at 2G spectrum as a place to get it. Much of the 2G spectrum can be reallocated while leaving sufficient behind to support M2M requirements. This is what T-Mobile has planned to do. Sprint has also announced commitments to 2G for the long-term.

M2M 2G Support

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With strategic relationships with both Sprint and T-Mobile, as well as a number of additional carriers, RacoWireless has a long term contract with long term pricing guarantees including 2G pricing so that you make long-term plans that won’t be affected by winds of network technologies.

A Dazzling Sunset

RacoWireless can support your 2G needs today and in the future. Contact us today to let us show you how.