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Not Just a Bunch of
Smooth Talkers
We know that this industry can be complicated, and keeping your customers satisfied can be a challenge. On top of keeping everything else moving, why not let us help you keep those customers satisfied with live, trained representatives that understand your business and industry. Our Omega Call Center Services have been put to the test and proven with brands like Audi. Unlike other call centers that simply provide someone that picks up the phone for you, the Omega Call Center Services give your company a branded and trained voice and advocate for your brand.
M2M Call Center

24/7/365 Support
A live agent will be available 24/7/365, including holidays. If you need calls answered during off-peak hours, we can customize a program specific to your needs. We have the ability to monitor call levels and immediately staff appropriately to ensure your service level standards are met and exceeded.

Customized and Interactive
Our call center representatives become your representatives when they answer a call. We work with your team to create scripts, recordings, and custom messages for your customers including options for on-hold, call-back, and voicemail. Through our interactive web portal, you have complete visibility into your M2M call center through a custom dashboard with criteria that you define. So, you can drop in and listen in to make sure that your customers are receiving the service that is in line with your strategy and mission.
There’s More to It
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Still have questions? Download our overview document on the right to get the information that you need. Understand call center pricing, features and how your customers can benefit from the help of a soothing voice.

Omega Call Center Overview Data Sheet

Omega Call Center Data Sheet

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