SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway
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M2M solutions come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique requirements. Whether your solution requires voice, packet data connectivity, or short message service (SMS), Raco’s Omega Management Suite (OMS) is equipped to make your deployment a success.
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SMS Gateways, Made Easy
One of the OMS services is the SMS Gateway solution. The SMS Gateway provides secure, two-way messaging communication between your M2M device and your data network. Receive mobile originated short messages directly into your application server and seamlessly update your f¬leet’s con¬figuration settings with mobile terminated messages, all the while using OMS to stay in control of everything else.
Faster Efficiency
SMS gateways have long been a favored medium for M2M communications, and it’s clear why. Oftentimes, SMS can be a more cost-effective way to access data services over mobile networks, without sacrificing the requirement of immediacy. By using an SMS Gateway, our partners are able to manage, in real-time, critical data from all over the planet.
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