Wireless Virtual LAN

Wireless Virtual LAN
The Wired Experience
Without the Wires
It’s in our name. We bring a wireless experience to you in a scalable way with award-winning tools that makes it easy for you to manage your connectivity. Our Wireless Virtual LAN (WVLAN) makes it easy for you to build highly-responsive features into your connected solutions. No longer do you need to be limited by network factors including: an inability to facilitate mobile terminated (server initiated) communication, low availability of public static IPv4 IP addresses, and network idle timeouts.

How a Wireless Virtual LAN is laid out

Wireless + Security = Success
Scalable Features, Secured
The RacoWireless WVLAN solution addresses all of the issues previously listed through the implementation of secure virtual private networks and device IP reservations, facilitating direct communication between application servers and devices in the field. Pretty cool, right?
More words for you
Ready for More?

If you’re hanging on the edge of your seat for more, we have it. Here are a few more features that make our WVLAN solution unbeatable:

  • Always-on device connectivity
  • Server initiated direct device firmware updates
  • Device configuration commands sent directly to the device IP
  • End-to-end AES-256 encryption
  • Protection from Internet based DDoS and traffic flood attacks
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